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TC4, TC18 seamless tube forming

[ Release time:2022-08-09 | Hits:243 ]

Baoji Tianchengtai Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.: It is a professional manufacturer of production and sales. In the past 15 years, the team has innovated, constantly updated, and successfully processed 90° sharp angles inside and outside TC4, TC18 seamless square tubes, seamless The former inner oxide layer, the current inner titanium color layer, the outer surface is smooth and flawless, the current yield is 97%, the processing wall thickness: 2.0mm to 30mm, the processing outer diameter: 25mm to 254mm, and the processing length: 1.5m to 12m. Tolerance: GB/T6728, so far: CTOs from all walks of life are welcome to cooperate and negotiate. The following pictures are for reference of finished product shooting. Tel: 15877500785+WX Su Shu